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Jeans Hardware Cap Snaps Prongs Cap & Ring Eyelet/ Grommet


Prongs Cap and Prongs Ring

  • Special Prongs Designs, do not cause damage to the knits fabrication, it suitable use in soft knits garment like Infant's, Kids wear, Blouse and fashions with light feeling.
  • AVAILABLE SIZES from 12L (7mm) ~ 46L (29 mm).
  • AVAILABLE in Various Metallic Finishing, Dye-To-Match (DTM) Color, Grow Pearl Style or with Tailor Made Pattern.   The DTM color is available through customer given color swatches for a color match to be.  Click here for more collections
  • Prongs Snaps contains 4 Components, the first two components called "Cap/ Ring" and "Socket" while the other two called "Stud" and "Bottom Ring".
  • The Cap/ Ring and Socket components are attached through the Upper Fabric of the garment; while the Stud and Bottom Ring are attached through the Lower Fabric of the garment.


basic-ring-dtm-50.jpg (2687 bytes)basic-cap-dtm-50.jpg (2403 bytes)basic-pcap-50.jpg (2215 bytes) Top Cap/ Ring Prongs:

Available in various Metallic, DTM Color or with Tailor Made Pattern.  It is the component to attach with socket through the upper fabric of garment.

basic-psocket-50.jpg (2647 bytes) Socket (also known as Female Part):

It is a component attaching with cap prongs or ring prongs through the fabric.

basic-pstud-50.jpg (2428 bytes) Stud (also known as Male Part):

It is designed to fit into the socket for snapping operation in end uses.

basic-ring-50.jpg (2373 bytes) @

Bottom Ring Prongs:

It is the component same as top ring prongs, it can be either colored or just in ordinary silver color.  It is attached with the stud through the fabric.


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